Cast of Characters

Patrick (me) – IT guy and former meat-head. I was practically sedentary from graduation from high school to a couple of months ago. I did the customary 3x a week in the weight room to look good.

Sarah – My wife. She is the one that dragged me into this mess. Sarah has done a few sprints and an Olympic distance triathlon, compared to me she is a salty veteran.

Don – One of our training partners. He too has done a few triathlons and is a fantastic runner.

Sabrina – Another one of our training partners and Don’s wife. She has also done a few triathlons and is a solid runner as well.

Tri Team – The four of us are part of a triathlon training team attached to our gym. There are other people in this team but I don’t know them totally well quite yet and some are just coming off of the fall hiatus.

Nicole – Our coach.  An ironman finisher and multiple half-ironman finisher, Nicole is one of the few personal trainers I respect. She and her husband walks the walk, bikes the bike, and swims the swim.



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