About Me

Version 1.0

I am a Denver based IT guy in my professional world. Recently I became interested in doing some long distance triathlons after 12 or so years of sitting on my butt. My wife has done a few triathlons and I started training with her a few months ago. Fundamentally, I see this sport as unnatural and its participants display abnormal human behaviors.


This blog will document my journey to a 1/2 marathon and 1/2 ironman in 2014.


Version 1.5 (June 6th, 2014)

It has been about  six months since I wrote this about myself. It is all still true, but I have learned so much and changed so many things that I feel like  a different person! In some ways I am, I am about 30 pounds lighter, I do my hair differently (although that has nothing to do with triathlon) and my whole social structure has fundamentally shifted. I turned thirty (bummer), did my first half marathon (exciting!), and my first triathlon (bucket list checked) and I am a few days away from the 70.3 which prompted me to build this blog in the first place.

Where I was and where I am now are way far apart from each other. When I originally wrote the blog I didn’t go into exactly how bad of shape I was in. It was bad, and that is putting it mildly. Six months of training has made it perfectly clear exactly how unfit I truly was. There was no way in the world that I was capable of doing 3-4 hour cardio sessions, or back to back 1 hour sessions. Heck, I really couldn’t run a mile without being absolutely exhausted. Considering all of that, I am not totally sure why I made such a radical change. I suppose, it was just time.



One response to “About Me”

  1. lmarieallen says :

    Glad you’ve joined the ranks of the unnatural. Best of luck with your goals:)

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