Quick Update

I started this year with a couple of very lofty goals, the first was to complete the Boulder Half Ironman – which for someone who couldn’t run a mile without collapsing was very lofty. The second was to complete the Colorado Triple Bypass, which was similarly lofty. I achieved those two goals so now I am left to consider where to go from here. I have an ITU distance triathlon next weekend which I am somewhat prepared for, and a classic distance event the month after. The last event of the year for me is the Rock and Roll half marathon in Denver, which will be my third half marathon of the year.

My first goal is to run the half marathon in October in under 2 hours. I have been focusing on running the last couple of weeks, I saw substantial de-conditioning after the 70.3 and I am just now building back the miles. I think it is doable, but it will be a challenge. I am setting this goal because my next 70.3 goal (Vineman 2015) is to run the entire half marathon.

My 70.3 goal is the only triathlon goal I have set for 2015. In Ironman Boulder ferver, a bunch of my friends signed up for Ironman Boulder 2015 but I held back. I had originally wanted to do Ironman Lake Placid but that sold out very quickly. I then considered Ironman Boulder, but ultimately decided that I wasn’t ready for that time commitment. As much as watching IM Boulder was inspiring, I decided that when and if I did a full 140.6 distance race my goal would be to run the entire marathon. I don’t think I have the time and mental capacity to tackle that yet.

I left the tri-club I had been a member of since last November. We were no longer getting the value out of it (principally because our tri season was light after the 70.3) and we could no longer afford the expense. We will probably start working with a tri coach again in 2015 but we will consider less expensive options, including working with coaches independently or as part of a team that is not affiliated with a club. I will consider the LT team again because I like the coach there, but we will save that decision for December/January.

Next week I will publish my race report for the Maple Grove Olympic Triathlon, so stay tuned.


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