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If you live in the greater Denver area then you have a plethora of triathlon, cycle, and running shops at your disposal. I have had a bunch of experience with a lot of these places and I have formulated some rankings based on my own experiences and the experiences of my friends. The places I mention I am comfortable recommending based on my experience for the things I recommend them for. I don’t take this lightly because in a lot of cases you are looking to spend good money for things so I want your experience to be a positive one.

Denver Area Cycle Shop

Top Recommendation: Wheat Ridge Cyclery
Website: http://ridewrc.com/
I recommend this shop because in my opinion it is the best shop in Denver and one of the best in the country. They carry a full line of road, tri, CX, and mountain bikes. They carry Specialized, Trek, Cervelo, Orbea, Santa Cruz, and Yeti bicycles. There service department is also best in class. Get there early on the weekend to be taken care of in a reasonable amount of time because they get busy. If you want to buy, or already own, a Specialized or a Trek – this is the shop for you. This is the only place I would recommend if you want to buy a Trek triathlon or time trial bike. This is also one of the few local sellers of Enve Composites wheelsets and components if that is your preference. Check out there demo bikes and wheels which they rent at reasonable prices. 

Honorable Mention: Bicycle Village
Website: http://bicyclevillage.com/
Bicycle Village earns a honorable mention because they have a large selection of bicycles, many locations to choose from, and a fairly good service department. If you need a tube, tire, or some component this is a great place to get it. They are a large Trek reseller as well as some other brands you may be interested in like Bianchi and Fuji. There service department is honest and competent. I had a component upgrade done last year and it was perfectly done. They fall behind WRC because their selection of triathlon bikes is very limited and their selection of high end current year road bikes is somewhat low.

Denver Area Triathlon Shop

Top Recommendation: Colorado Multisport
Website: Coloradomultisport.com
Colorado Multisport earns top marks for there wide selection of triathlon apparel (they are the only local DeSoto shop) and the ability to do a Retul fit. They sell BlueSeventy and Orca wetsuits (two of the most popular brands) and they focus on Specialized and Cervelo triathlon bikes. They also sell all the popular fuels like Bonk Breaker, EFS, Osmo for Women, Gu, Powergel, Skratch, and Powerbar Ironman Perform. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and willing to help both veterans and newbies.

Honorable Mention: Endurance House Westminster
Website: www.endurancehousewestminster.com
Endurance House earns a honorable mention based on their huge selection of running and triathlon shoes – something CMS doesn’t even offer – which includes complementary gait analysis. The owner, Jim, comes from a running background and it shows. This is also the place for people in north Denver to go if you want a Fuji or Quintana Roo triathlon bicycle which are more price friendly competitors to the Cervelo P series, the Trek Speed Concept, and the Specialized Shiv triathlon bicycles. E-House offers Orca and Zoot wetsuits for purchase or rental. They also offer race wheels by HED and Zipp for rental or purchase. Rentals include the cassette swap and brake pad replacement.

There are a few fine places that failed to make the list. For example, Kompetitive Edge is a fine shop but I normally don’t recommend places that only sell one brand or a limited selection of brands. For example, KE only sells Newton running shoes, which is great if you want Newtons. However, in order to really be a complete shop you would need to include Brooks, Pearl Izumi, Saucony, and New Balance. They primarily sell profile designs accessories which is fine if that is what you want/need, but there are other brands. KE also seems to lack any special feature that would drive people to its location. CMS has the retul fit system and E-House has its huge selection of shoes.

Leave a comment if I left someplace or something out and if it is valid I will update the list.


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