Triathlon Vocabulary

Last night on my drive home from work NPR had a segment about lexicon used in specific industries. The featured phrase was an “Uncle Bob”, if you are a wedding photographer an Uncle Bob is a friend or relative that brings all of his expensive camera stuff to the wedding and gets in the way of the professional.

This got me thinking, I had posted on facebook that my “tramp stamp hurt” with a #triathleteproblems which immediately made sense to my coach and some others. My coworkers who are friends with me on Facebook thought I had actually gone out and got a lower back tattoo. I had to explain that a “tramp stamp” in this context is the lower back sunburn you get from cycling in triathlon gear. The shorts have a tendency to ride low and the tops have a tendency to ride up exposing a strip of your lower back to the sun. Normally I remember to put some sunscreen on this part of my back to avoid this problem. At the 70.3 on Sunday, I sunscreened everything but that and sure enough I have a tramp stamp on my back Smile .


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