Boulder Aquatics Masters Open Water Swims

This morning Sarah and I went out to the Boulder Res to have an open water swim. You can’t just show up at the Res and start swimming, especially not at six in the morning. Boulder Aquatics Masters hosts an open water swim period on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 0610 to 0740 which is plenty of time for training whether you are just trying to improve your fitness or if you are training for a full Ironman or Leadman.

The BAM crew sets up buoys of different colors around the Res and they cut out loops of 500 and 1000 meters. Along with the buoys they have rescue kayaks on the course which you can use to rest on if you are fatigues or have an equipment malfunction. They say the long course is 1000 meters and on my first lap Garmin indicated I had gone .63 miles which is actually 1014 meters. Don’t mistake meters for feet, 14 meters is actually pretty far in a straight line. I attribute that to not taking a direct line between the buoys. On the first lap the sun was cresting the horizon and when I was swimming towards it, it was difficult to see the buoy and I strayed off course. I did two laps which totaled 1.28 miles and that is a good bit of swimming.

The drop in fee is $15 and a 5 use punch pass is $55 which reduces the unit price to $11. The main advantage to the punch pass is that it can be shared between two people.

That might seem expensive for 1.5 hours of possible workout time but a lot goes in to setting this up. They have two people checking people in and out (if you check in and not out they try to find you, anywhere), a couple of guys in kayaks to make sure the buoys are set up and to make sure you don’t drown, and there is 1-2 people on the shore. Then there is whatever fee they pay the res to use the facility.

If you are a burgeoning triathlete looking to gain some OWS experience this is one of the few places you can get that experience safely outside of the triathlon or aquathon. If you are in the north Denver metro area (including, obviously Boulder) you should check it out.



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