New Wetsuit and Ironman in 2015?

Last week was a rest week which was very much needed. I am not sure who came up with the 3 week build/peak with a 1 week recovery but oddly enough the third week of the build makes you feel like superman, try doing anything when you are in your rest week and its like you haven’t been training. It might be purely psychological but I can tell you that I am better doing a challenging workout in week 3 of a build than any time during the recovery week.

I finally got around to buying a wetsuit. I had been putting this off because frankly, they are expensive. I went with the Orca 3.8. 3_8wetsuit

I bought this at Colorado Multi-Sport in Boulder which is quickly becoming my go to shop for my triathlon needs. Based on my experience I am confident in recommending CMS for triathlon and biking. Also, based on my experience, I can recommend Wheat Ridge Cyclery for your cycle needs.

At any rate, I only tried on the Orca 3.8. I wanted to try on the BlueSeventy but they were sold out of my size, in every BlueSeventy they carry. Apparently a 5 foot 10 inch man is the exact average of every bloody triathlete in Colorado.

While I was at CMS I found a new pair of tri shorts that I had been looking at online. The DeSoto Riviera Tri Short is noted as one of the best tri shorts for distance triathlons on the market. On a whim I purchased them. On my Sunday ride I was flabbergasted. They are fantastic. Better than my Sugoi’s for cycling though I haven’t done a long run in them yet. desoto

On Saturday I did a long run (not supposed to do it during the rest week but it saves me from a three hour workout on a Thursday) and after that and the wetsuit/tri short purchase we went to a bike cleaning social hour hosted for our little triathlon club.

Inevitably the conversation came up about the possibility of an Ironman 140.6 in 2015. The same jerk….errr “friend”…who pressured me into doing Ironman 70.3 has committed to doing a 140.6 next year. If he follows through will be the only male not to have done an ultra-distance triathlon.

This leads me to the two obvious questions, do I care? Sort of. And, since when is long course triathlon our only options in this group? Seriously, this is not an Ironman triathlon team. It is a plain and simple triathlon team. I am not sure what has gotten into us.

I am interested then, on anyone else’s personal journeys to long course triathlon. Specifically, how did you decide to spend 10-17 hours a week dedicated to training to do an event that you are not paid for?


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