Week catch-up

I have a little to catch up on since my last post (I need to start posting more than once a week!) which cover a variety of topics. Firstly, my mother had her PET scan and the cancer is isolated to the breast and immediate lymph nodes, which is good news. Things get more complicated if it spreads. I left her a message on Saturday insisting that she make regular visits to Colorado. She lives in the Hudson Valley region of New York and I live in the Denver area of Colorado. We have a certain…herbal remedy…available since January 1st which is still illegal in New York.

My build week went about as well as expected. I ended up working until about 2 in the morning on Wednesday night so that threw a monkey wrench into my schedule and I missed one of my swims. I have long since gotten over missing workouts. If you are scheduled for 2-3 hours on a weekday any scheduling change will result in conflict, a conflict that is always won by the activity that pays me cold hard cash. My long run on Thursday was 10.1 miles which I completed in 1:37 which averages to nine and a half minute splits. Not excellent, but not all together terrible either.

This leads me into my rant, soapbox, or whatever you might call it. I have been considering converting to a single sport athlete after this 70.3 business is wrapped up. I workout 2-3 hours a day 5-6 days a week. You wouldn’t know it if you saw me run. I am not a terrible runner, and even if I slap out 5 miles at zone 5 (as I did on Sunday) I am still able to remain standing and have a conversation with people, no finish line dramatics, but also not terribly fast. Running is a demanding mistress and she doesn’t play well with the other two in my life, swimming and biking. After the 70.3 and the triple bypass, I may spend 1/2 a year solely on running to put down a respectable time at an open race.

Last week I posted this picture to motivate my training partners who are either full ironmen or ironman hopefuls.


Honestly though, I might be one of the people to “just” do 26.2. Long distance triathletes say stuff like this to motivate our buddies, but we realize that a marathon is still a big friggin deal. It is only marginally more achievable than a full Ironman. In fact, one of my coaches was a marathoner for 10 years before she ever did a triathlon – the same, determination, and discipline is required for either activity.

Here is to another build week, it is a crazy schedule again, I should be able to make 90% or more of my workouts this week which is very good. On Saturday I am going up the magnolia road trail in Boulder which is between 9-10K feet for some nice altitude abuse. Keep in mind pilots need supplemental oxygen at 10K! Oxygen, who needs it?


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One response to “Week catch-up”

  1. lmarieallen says :

    26.2 is a big friggin’ deal. So is 13.2, if it’s your first one. My brother does ironmans, and he and his wife are pretty rough on anybody who does less or goes slower. I say, if you’re out there trying and getting your butt off the couch, more power to you! As for your mom, great news! I must say that the herbal remedy saved my life during chemo. Nausea…gone. I could eat and function. Get her out to Colorado.

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