New Shoes, better attitude

This past week was confidence shaking, I am not going to lie. Almost every workout except my hill climbs on Tuesday was not very good. I had pains in my shin (specifically the muscle that goes over the shin), my IT band, and my calves. I think my muddy half marathon beat me up a little harder than I realized. I had done a 5 mile run on Thursday that was terrible and a swim on Friday morning that was worse. Taking my cue, on Saturday I ran for 2 miles and on Sunday we biked for 25 miles. Both distances are about half of our normal training distances. Today is Monday – my normal rest day – and I am beginning to feel normal again.

So what do you do when you are a little down on yourself? Go shopping, of course! Not for any old crap though, I needed new shoes, so I got a pair. 20140419_142017_W 112th Ave

These are the Newton Distance S III in lime green. If you find the lime green distasteful, the women’s shows are worse, they are a big bird yellow. These are different shoes than last years because they added another lug. 20140419_142031_W 112th Ave

This does make a difference, the outer lugs now provide a stabilizing platform when the ball of your feet hit the ground. With the fifth lug, it feels like you have one bar across your forefoot instead of a couple of smaller ones, which is more comfortable. It took me about 100 meters to appreciate how much better these are than my Sir Isaac Newton S shoes. When a coach says “shorten your stride” or “faster cadence” these shoes encourage this behavior. I will hold on to my Sir Isaac S shoes but will transition these shoes over the next couple of weeks. I did try the Men’s Motion shoes which also have 5 lugs but I found the ride on the Distance S III to be more comfortable.

With these shoes I am now, officially, a lime. I am not kidding.

20140419_150407_W 112th Ave

I had previously purchased the tri kit based on the fact that it is just the rebranded kit from Sugoi who I like for my cycle gear. Notice the lime color in the shoes matches the lime in the singlets, I am happy to see someone was paying attention to detail. I would have bought the shoes regardless of color, at least they are consistent. Unfortunately for the women the shoes are bright yellow but the tri suit is a pink color, so that is a bit of a fail.

This week starts another build phase and it is a doozy:

Tuesday – Bike Hill Climbes 7×5 minute climbs with 5 minute active recovery (1:30) and 2KM in the pool 7×100 moderate and 5×100 maximum intensity.

Wednesday – BRICK one hour moderate cycle with a thirty minute run at threshold intensity. Strength training.

Thursday – Log run, 1:40. 2.5KM swim at moderate intensity. Run first.

Friday – Moderate bike 1:30

Saturday – Long bike (3:15) with a 40 minute transition run.

Sunday – 5 mile run (cherry creek sneak) 2.7KM swim.

Wish me luck, I am going to look a little more haggard come next Monday!


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One response to “New Shoes, better attitude”

  1. lmarieallen says :

    Holy Moly, what a schedule! Love the lime green!

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