Bad News

Originally, when I started this blog, I did not intend for it to become an issue driven blog. My purpose was to document my journey from being little more than a couch potato to an ultra-distance triathlete. Largely this will remain the same, but as with many things in life, things evolve unexpectedly. Last night I found out that my mother was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer.

From the prognosis viewpoint she is in very good shape. Breast cancer deaths have been steadily declining over the last twenty some odd years and stage 2 cancer generally responds well to treatment. However, we shouldn’t sugar coat the affect this will have on my mother’s (as well as all other cancer patients) life and well being. The treatment for cancer is long, arduous, and unfortunately, not easy to hide. Even though the drugs have gotten better, they still ravage the body in order to treat the disease. Of course, it isn’t a one week, 1 month, or even 2 month treatment regimen. It takes the better part of a year and it is burdensome in time and money.

If you have a form of cancer, or survived a cancer, you have my heartfelt sympathy – and probably more importantly – my respect for your experience. Compared to chemo and radiation, I would take two a day weekday workouts ten times out of ten.

From time to time I may mention my mother’s progress in her treatment and generally pontificate on the state of the medical system in the United States; something I have a strong opinion on.


My mother in late 2012


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2 responses to “Bad News”

  1. lmarieallen says :

    As someone who is an athlete and a recent breast cancer patient, I wish you and your mom the best. This will be a really tough journey, but believe it or not, she’ll learn a lot about herself in the process and be amazed at her own strength.

  2. marcy westerling says :

    Good luck – cancer is scary and hard but stage 2 is plenty early. Let’s hope!
    Marcy Westerling

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