Build Week 2

At the end of our second build week (which left us exhausted) we had a very successful weekend of training. Saturday was our usual routine, an hour in the pool and an hour on the run. My run Thursday morning was garbage so I was happy to have a smooth run.

Sunday morning’s weather was nice enough that we could do the whole workout outside. The Lifetime and Endurance House crew met in Boulder to start our ride. We all tool different routes but most of them start the same way so we left as a group.

Team Ride

Sarah, Kaira, Sabrina, Don, and I did a combination of the Boulder Peak 5150 and Boulder 70.3 courses. Some of the full Ironman trainees went up to Carter Lake and others did the whole 70.3 course. On our plan was a 1 1/2 hour ride and a thirty minute brick run.

The Boulder 5150 course goes over a road called Olde Stage Road which is a 1000 foot climb (give or take) over a very short distance with grades that reach up to 15%. When you include the climbout you do from the Boulder Reservoir you end up doing a fair amount of climbing. Old Stage Climb

I have ridden this climb before but I don’t remember it being so terrible! Those “hill climbs” on the spin bike just are not the same thing as staring up the abyss of a 15% grade where your options for bailing out are all bad. I admit that I bailed out and took a rest – which was needed but this is never fun because you have to kick the crank around fast enough to get your other foot clipped in and delivering power so you don’t fall over or roll backwards. The first time I did this was on a triple crank so my lowest gear was 30/28 which is lower than my current lowest gear of 34/28. I wanted one lower gear that I didn’t have. I am not going to run off and buy the 11-32 cassette (too much cross-chaining chatter) so this climb is going to have to become a weekly occurrence to build my leg strength.

As an aside – there is a video floating around on you tube showing people doing this climb as part of the Boulder Peak 5150 triathlon; it focuses a bit on the people who stop and some who walk their bike up. After doing this climb twice, I totally understand.

Eventually we got to the top and girls had to have a photo. 20140406_101603_Olde Stage Rd

There is still snow on the ground but the weather was great while we were out. The ladies finished the Boulder Peak course while Don and I rode another 10 miles beyond that and did a little tempo work on the way. This marks the first time that “serious” riders fell in behind me and formed a pace line. After embarrassingly stopping on old stage I felt better about myself.

The ladies were waiting for us, we said we were only going to go 2 or 3 miles out of the way and ended up going 10 miles out of the way. I was criticized roundly for changing out of my cycle jersey into a running shirt (which took all of 3 seconds) for the run. We got through 5K within the thirty minute time frame with Don (as usual) leading the pack.

It was a nice training day. We don’t train with our friends during the week so it is nice to hang out with them.


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