Garmin follows me to the potty

Like almost every triathlete that I know, I have a Garmin FR910XT triathlon watch. Those that don’t have it, want it. Some people have a SUUNTO or the Garmin Ambit2 or the Tom Tom but in my experience not a one of those is as ubiquitous as the 910XT. One of the absolutely cool features of the watch is the ability to set-up your multi-sport activity to roll to the new sport with the press of a button including the time you spend dithering around between disciplines. In the dashboard it looks like this:


It even fills in handy information like what you were doing and what you are expected to do next. In case you forgot, when you hit the button to advance to the next activity, the watch tells you what you should be doing – “Begin Running” with an arrow and a little picture of the event.

What truly shocked me was that while you are are in transition (or “dithering”) it still tracks your every move. Even if that isn’t a good idea. I had to pee in the middle of this workout.

Potty Trip

Want to guess where the potty is located? In fact, if you zoom in enough you can even tell where the sink is that I used to wash my hands! Somehow the thing can’t track GPS when it is centimeters under water but it can track my every movement in a toilet that has a solid roof over it.


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