Running with headphones

If I am outside I don’t do this. In fact, I don’t even carry my phone. The reason for this is twofold. Firstly; all of my music is sourced from Google Music so I need a device with that app to listen. This is OK most of the time but considering I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 (remember the commercial where the lady says “Could you put down your MASSIVE phone?”) which is huge. It won’t fit in my fuel belt or the little zip pockets on my running shorts. I could get one of those arm band things which can carry your phone and ID but that looks like more work than it is worth.

More importantly though, there have been a couple of incidents recently where I really needed to convey information to a runner or a biker but as a result of having earbuds in we had the typical – wait let me pull these out of my ears and have your resend (sort of like a TCP ACK) your message now that I can hear – which resulted in precious seconds of my life wasted.

I am not going to rant about how it may be rude to have headphones in when you are in public, or how we may be digitally isolating ourselves in public and have become devoid of any human contact whilst in the presence of other humans. Someone else can handle that. What I would say is perhaps we should exercise good judgment. If you are riding your bicycle on a busy road full of cars and other cyclists, being able to hear and react to people quickly is an important safety issue. If you are running on a road with a lot of cyclists, cyclists behind you will shout at you to warn you that he/she will be passing you – probably going anywhere between 15-17 MPH. No one wants that collision.


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