New Bicycle!

I finally got it together and dropped the money for a new bicycle.

20140317_162757_W 112th Ave

There it is, mounted in my garage, a Trek Domane 5.2 frame size 56 centimeters. The pedals are Look Keo Classics. I have a fuel belt attached to the stem for snacks and gels and the standard saddle bag with a spare tube. More details from Trek here.

I have a bunch of hours logged on this particular type of bike, but that was a demo bike and this is MY bike. I have to say, the updated from the 2013 colors to 2014 (shiny finish, red and white or black and white) which has this matte black finish is a big improvement.

To be sure I didn’t just go and buy this bike because Sarah had already gotten one and she liked it. In fact, I tried a couple of different bikes before buying this one.

Cervelo R3

Newly redesigned for 2014 this bike has a huge following in the biking community. However, I was underwhelmed by the bike when I test road it. It seemed heavier than it should and power transfer was surprisingly bad. The bike fit OK but for $3700 retail, I thought it should have been nicer.

Specialized Roubaix SL4 Expert

Closer to the Trek Domane than the Cervelo, this bike rode fantastically in my test ride. In fact, I remember briefly thinking I might become a Specialized convert. I would blame no person for buying this bike. Ultimately I decided on the Trek over the Roubaix based on the fact that the Trek has a FULL Ultegra setup including brakes and crankset, while the Roubaix uses a FSA crank instead. The FSA crank is probably fine, but when you make a decision you have to go by something. Additionally, this bike came with the Ultegra 11-32 cassette which cross-chained very quickly, there is a certain amount of tuning that would help that but not entirely. That bike would quickly become a 9 speed simply because I would never want to be in either the top or lowest gear due to the chatter.

You are doing a triathlon so…

Why didn’t I get a triathlon or time trial style bike? Good question, and I will answer it like this. It isn’t that serious. People do triathlons all the time on regular road bikes and you can change the drop handlebars to aero handlebars easily enough if you want to get yourself out of the wind. Road bikes are handy and flexible and Tri/TT bikes are less so. I need this bike to wear a couple of different hats, namely I need to climb some hills (I am doing the Triple Bypass this year) and be welcome in draft packs. Besides, how silly would I feel if I decided that I was one and done with the whole triathlon thing?


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