To the fatty…

Earlier this week my Facebook feed blew up with this story:

This seemed to get generally favorable feedback from the Facebook community as a whole. The next day, the subject of the above post wrote a response:

To sum it up – one person thought they were handing out a compliment and the person receiving it begged to differ. I can see the perspective of the subject but I thought he was a tad bit sensitive about all of it.

My introductory post dealt with this and this is a good example of the trap of pre-judging people you see working out. I have seen people get on the treadmill for 15 minutes and then get off. Did they really do anything useful? Maybe, you have no idea where they were/are coming from. For all I know they were able to do 12 minutes last week.

Let us maintain some civility, the only conclusion you are able to draw by watching anyone running is that they are, indeed, running. Any other conclusion must be drawn by actually talking to that person.


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