The Absurd Becomes Normal

Here I am, on a Friday afternoon right after work. Like – right after I got home and took the dogs out. What am I up too? A bike ride of course.

20140131_171958_W 112th Ave

In ideal circumstances I would not be getting on my bike trainer at 5:30 pm on any day but today was special. It snowed in the Denver metro area and since Westminster can’t operate snow plows and our HOA plow people show up whenever they want, my little car got stuck in the driveway and we missed our morning training session.

After work we got a call from a friend asking us to go for a dinner, which sounded fantastic, so our options were to bike right after work or wait until 8:30 pm. One might think that it would be a relatively simple matter to simply delay the workout until tomorrow. Except tomorrow is 3 kilometers worth of swimming and an hour run. Sunday is a 2 hour bike and a 30 minute run.

At some point you take a step back and look at things with a little perspective. Sarah was frustrated because she would “only” workout five days this week (she travels for work occasionally); keep in mind two of those days are two workout sessions. Most people can’t run thirty minutes comfortably – let alone do it after swimming or biking.

This sport changes you and not only in a physical way.


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