Getting up wicked early

If your day calls for two workouts, for instance my Tuesdays, assuming you have a job with normal hours you probably have to do one of those workouts in the morning before work. If you were in the military, this is the time of the day affectionately referred to as “oh dark thirty”. It can be disheartening to wake up when the morning news has its B team on, but it is a necessity.

Most of us can get out of bed OK and make it to the workout but the next person who says “Don’t you just feel so energized after your workout?” might get a slap to the back of the head. If I finished my workout the night before at 8:30 pm and I am up again at 5:00 AM the next day, by 11:00 AM I am most certainly not energized. My solution is simple, caffeine. I bought a Starbucks Verismo espresso maker as a family present for Christmas. Sarah got me a thermos which can keep liquids hot in subzero temperatures for something like 5 hours.



The trick I have found to make this very effective is to make your own “shot in the dark”. Once you pull the espresso, top it off with regular coffee. All you need is a normal coffee maker, ours is from Mr. Coffee.


This is the kind with the thermal pot so if I have to workout but Sarah doesn’t, it will still be hot for her. In case there is any question – the shot in the dark is for after the workout, otherwise you may have to run off to the bathroom in the middle of your workout, which sucks if that workout happens to be swimming.

This method can keep you somewhat normal during your job. My one piece of sage advice is not to sleep in on your non-workout mornings. Even though you could sleep in, I recommend still waking up just having your coffee and relaxing. This way the experience of waking up on your workout mornings might be a little less jarring.



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