Only in Boulder

Yesterday Sarah and I ran a 10K in Louisville, Colorado called the Prairie Dog Arctic Half Marathon and 10K. We aren’t ready for a half marathon yet but the 10K is a good distance for us. Personally, I haven’t run 10K all in one day in many years…like probably 15 or 16 of them. Sarah is better off than I, she did a half marathon (Horsetooth Half in Fort Collins) a few years back. Our coach Nicole and her husband Nick were there and ran the 10K with us. Nicole, a pregnant lady, beat me badly!

While we were waiting to get on the course (the 1/2 marathoners went first) I noticed an adult Blue Healer hanging out somewhat close to me. I looked at her and smiled and she bounced right up and greeted me. Sarah and I are dog people so this didn’t bother us at all. Her owner came by momentarily concerned that her dog, Penelope, was bothering us. She explained that Penelope was deaf and enjoyed running with the crowds of people. A few minutes after I crossed the finish line I came across a an effusive Penelope with a sweaty and worn out owner. Only in Boulder (Louisville is very close to Boulder) would you find a well behaved disabled dog running a 10K!

Along with the run on Saturday Sarah and I did our long swim on Saturday and did an hour and a half trainer ride.


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