50 Meter Pool available in Thornton!

For those of us that want to experience swimming in an Olympic size pool, the City of Thornton has one available at the Veterans Memorial Aquatics Center. This pool is not open to the public but it CAN be accessed as part of the Masters Swim Program. The program is free but you need to pay admission to the pool itself.

Here are the fees and the Masters Swim Schedule.

Practice Schedule

Monday/Wednesday/Friday     5:30 – 7 a.m.
Tuesday/Thursday   8:00 – 9:30 p.m.
(Weather permitting, June 4 – August 15. Tu/Th practice will be moved to Park Village Pool 6-7:30p.m.)

Practices are subject to cancellation due to School District holidays and closures.

Punch cards are available for purchase ONLY at the Carpenter Recreation Center, you must bring your punch cards with you in order to swim at the Natatorium.  No admittance will be given if you do not have your card.  You may also purchase a one-time daily pass at the Carpenter Recreation Center if you are just wanting to try the program out before purchasing a punch card.

The cost for a daily pass is $46 for adults (18 – 61 years) and $5 for seniors (62+).

20 Visit Punch Cards
Adults (18 – 61 years): $76
Seniors (62+): $52

10 Visit Punch Cards
Adults (18 – 61 years): $51.50
Seniors (62+): $38

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