New saddle new tire

This weekend Sarah and I took care of some items related to our bikes. Firstly, we got fitted for new saddles. Sarah has a new Trek Domane with the stock Bontrager saddle which was apparently hitting her in the wrong spots. I have no trouble believing that because on my saddle was rotten as well. We went to a local bike shop (Wheat Ridge Cyclery) and got new saddles. Odd that we would ride specialized saddles on Trek bikes but hey, let your undercarriage go numb once and see if you care about mixing brands.


We tested out our new saddles on our trainers…which aren’t new. We bought them used a while ago and quickly found out that regular road tires and trainers don’t mix. It leaves rubber shavings all over the floor and causes the tire to take on a flatter shape. Talk about a newbie mistake. We bought Continental trainer tires which are supposed to be better and largely, they are. Mainly, I am just happy I am not ruining my new Gatorskin tires.

trainer tire


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